Free KillBugs Attack

The definitive arcade comes to your iPhone. You have been reduced in size inside your ship. You face the nastiest creatures on the planet: flies, spiders, scorpions, snakes, etc ...
Defeat your fears. Break your fingers!.
Two games in one, get millions of points by completing the bonus words. Collect the falling letters to form bonus words, but be careful: if you make a mistake and pick a letter that is not part of the shown word you will be punished!.
Hyper-realistic graphics with photographic quality..
Simple control system. Move and shot by dragging your ship and teleport by tap..
Pick up options to help you in your mission..
Each game is different. Enemies will attack differently in each try..
Great music in every level.
Defeat all the nasties and terrible final bosses and reach the final terrible enemy..

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